Exercise is a tricky proposition. Some people love it some people hate it. It is usually underestimated just how much we really need to do, not only for ongoing good health but also for weight loss and weight loss maintenance. This is not just a, pardon the pun a walk in the park although that is certainly an important part of it.

We need to be certain to maintain muscle mass as we get older to help prevent osteoporosis, better balance, insulin sensitivity and general strength for even basic chores such as doing the shopping when we are older. We need to exercise on most days and that is why it is really important to find something that you like doing. Perhaps going to a nightclub and dancing is preferable for you than doing a marathon? Maybe aqua zumba appeals to you more than a gym class?

At When Weight Matters we will explore all sorts of options that will be acceptable to you, and have a very comprehensive referral list for the best practitioners in your chosen area of interest. This might be Pilates, spin classes, personal trainers, dance classes, aqua aerobics, yoga, out door boot camps, or swimming instructors. A question we are often asked is what time of day is the best time to exercise?

The preferred answer is any time you are likely to do it. We really do think it is important to take your personality and lifestyle into account when deciding which exercise is best for you especially since this is gong to become an integral part of your daily life.

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