Do you offer general counselling and Psychotherapy even though your practice is called When Weight Matters?

First and foremost I am a fully qualified and experienced counsellor and Psychotherapist. I see patients and clients for a wide variety of issues and life worries ranging from depression and anxiety, grief and loss, relationship worries, relationship conflicts, internal conflicts, self esteem issues and many other existential worries that comes with being human.

Why is counselling and coaching helpful when trying to manage my weight?
Why can’t I just get my friends or partner to be my support?
I’ve already tried every single diet in the world why would coming to see you be any different?
My weight, is a long term, and ongoing source of angst and stress for me, will you understand this?
Do I need to commit to ongoing sessions?
What happens when I finish my sessions with you but still don’t feel I have achieved what I want?
Do I need a referral for an appointment?
Can I sometimes bring a loved one or family member with me?
How long is a session?
Do I need to use my sessions weekly?
What will happen in my first session?
Will you fix me?
I have special dietary needs and health issues, does this matter?
Do you offer phone or skype sessions?
Why might paying for my therapy privately be a good thing?