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The need to gain weight is less common but for some people it is quite a challenge to gain and maintain weight. This creates other problems for these people as they are often met with disdain from others. People will be quite dismissive of them saying things like “Oh what are you complaining about”? Or, “you are so lucky I wish I was like you”. However it is not how they feel internally. They would like to gain weight or need to gain weight in order to conceive or just to feel more robust. We take this seriously and can show you how to gain weight in a healthy and optimal nutritional way without resorting to eating junk food.

If you are underweight because you have no or a low appetite it is important to find the reasons why and to check that there are no serious underlying reasons. Low mood, stress and anxiety can also reduce appetite and cause weight loss so it is very important that we help to address these concerns rather than tell you to just “eat more”.

If you are suffering from a serious depression it can even be hard to chew food or find the motivation to prepare food so we can find ways preparing food for you to get adequate nutrition in a palatable way. If you have been very ill and need to start gaining weight in recovery we will find create a diet that appeals to you while providing you with optimum nutrition.

Sometimes creating special rituals around meal times can help with stimulating appetite and a desire to eat. This may involve eating by candle light, setting the table, mood lighting or other things that create an ambience.

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