High Cholesterol

Some times these conditions are genetic and no amount of dietary intervention and exercise seems to help with high cholesterol and high blood pressure although this is never a good reason to abandon a healthy lifestyle. However we have had amazing results for many clients who have made some lifestyle changes. All the foods recommended are considered to give you the best chance at managing these conditions.

Thyroid conditions both under and over can make you feel absolutely dreadful and often go undiagnosed for some time. Although it can make weight loss harder it is not impossible. By providing you with tools from some of the worlds leading weight loss scientists we can show you how to still be able to lose weight despite this condition.

An unfortunate side affect of certain anti depressant medication can be unwanted weight gain. This can cause distress and an unwillingness to take the medication. It is extremely important to never take your self off this medication as it has been prescribed for important reasons. It can make a significance difference to your life if you have been struggling with mental health problems.

With the tools and knowledge we now have available, there are ways we can assist you with weight loss while you are on medication and it does not involve dieting or cutting out all your favorite foods. And most importantly means you can continue your medication. We always are certain to work closely with your Doctor, Psychiatrist, counsellor or psychologist during this process as it is important you feel well supported at all times.

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