Low Energy Levels

Sometimes understanding how to keep your blood sugars stable can really help with energy levels. Occasionally it can be a matter of learning to recognize the symptoms of what it feels like when you feel your blood sugars are dropping and knowing how to prevent this occurring.

There are some fairly easy but yummy ways to manage this. We have a large variety of highly regarded literature on the best dietary approach to take to help you feel more stable across the day without experiencing rapid highs and lows that can leave your feeling really tired, grumpy, shaky fatigued and at times really fragile. We do work closely with your medical practitioner to be sure that there are no underlying conditions that may not have been detected and always are certain to follow up with you to see if the recommendations are making a difference for you.

Sometimes if you have been dieting or are on a restrictive eating plan or are just too busy to eat you can be left feeling very low on energy. If your doctors or health practitioners have ruled out all other medical causes, then we can help address this by looking carefully at your diet. By introducing nutritious regular meals and snacks to keep your blood sugars stable all day you can be pleasantly surprised by how much energy you can regain. The 3’oclock slump can certainly be relegated to the past as you look forward to that afternoon coffee/tea and those delicious snack ideas we can suggest.

Those mid meal moments can be very tricky if you are out shopping or stuck in a meeting or traffic jam. Basically any time you feel your blood sugars are dropping or you are hungry but there are only junk food options or even worse no options available. Rather than see this as a given we will provide you with all sorts of delicious snack ideas to help manage these times so you feel in control and able to make decisions based on what you want when you want instead of feeling at the mercy of the closest vending machine.

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