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A Kinder Inner Voice is A Powerful Part Of Weight Management.

Lets rewrite the lyrics We can change the soundtrack

Imagine a sound track that is played to you on the radio, the TV, your computer, phone or wherever you get your music from, and it is of a song with lyrics you really don't like. Not only do you not like these lyrics, but the words are harsh, taunting and cruel. This sound track comes on as soon as you wake up in the morning and plays on a loop until you fall asleep at night. Except that this soundtrack is inside your own thoughts.

It accompanies you to the bathroom, on shopping trips, to work, to dinner with friends, to family gatherings, in fact it accompanies you through the day every day and there rarely seems to be a pause button. Some days the volume might be a bit louder than other days and occasionally it might be muted but it is ever present humming along in the background.

The lyrics go something like this:

"you need to lose weight" "you are so  fat" "you are lazy" "why don't you just try harder" "look at you, you have no will power" "If only you were thinner your life would be better"

There are many versions of these lyrics and they have one thing in common.

They are non-relenting and feel make people feel sad, ashamed, humiliated, and frustrated and leave people feeling exhausted and filled with despair.

These lyrics have reinforcement everywhere as the bodies that are used to advertise and sell products or services rarely show bodies with excess weight. TV dating shows only show slim people, make up ads only show thin people, posters on the sides of buses, inside railway stations only show very thin people (Oh they also usually have sparkly impossibly white straight teeth as well).

In attempt to silence the loud soundtrack in people's minds they embark over and over again on various  weight loss programs that usually involves a diet and some sort of restrictive behaviours. They hope and hope that if they lose weight the soundtrack will stop.

However, because traditional weight loss methods (diets) tend to fail people due to rebound weight gain, the feelings of failure are reinforced and therefore people start to think that soundtrack must be true.

I never doubt that people feel this way and I imagine the pain must be immense.

There are definitely ways to change this sound track and there are definitely ways to lose weight where you will not experience a rebound weight gain. There are some very hopeful ways to break this cycle.

We can work together on creating a soundtrack that you are happy to wake up to and go to bed with. A sound track that has kind lyrics, sensitive lyrics, one that fills you with hope and promise, a soundtrack that helps you to feel better about yourself.

If you would like to join our weekly group where we explore this in more depth  please don't hesitate to be in touch via my website or email. 

Ginette Lenham © November 2021 

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