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In the weight loss world there is a relentless dialogue about what one should eat, what one shouldn't eat, when one should eat ,when one shouldn't eat, what type of exercise is best, we don't do enough exercise, maybe too much exercise is not good either and endless variations of the above should's and shouldn'ts. This is an example of the external dialogue in advertisements, articles, blogs and advertising campaigns. The conversation in our own minds can at times be debilitating and sounds a lot like constant criticism. eg:"I shouldn't have eaten that" . "I want that, but cant, wont, might, shouldn't, I have no will power, I'm such a failure, tomorrow Ill be good, Im so bad. These thoughts are often loud, mean, harsh and self deprecating. 

The body is an extremely complex organism and pretty amazing with what it can do. Weight loss is challenging and a far more complex process than a simple diet plan would have us believe. Finding ways to silence that inner critic or at least make peace with it can make the process of losing weight just a little less fraught and upsetting.

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