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Kick The Weight Loss Goals (The Downside Of Goal Setting)
Ginette Lenham
When Weight Matters
Kick the weight loss goals (the down side of goal setting) Most weight loss programs are based around setting goals, achieving goals and reaching goals. I am not so sure this always a good idea. It wo...
Ginette Lenham
When Weight Matters
I would like to share with you a thought thats been building for many years now. Not only is this a thought but it is a rewrite of an age old saying. "You are NOT what you eat". Its even confronting p...
The science of weight loss
Ginette Lenham
When Weight Matters
 Courses running throughout 2014 at Sydney University Continuing Education Center. http://cce.sydney.edu.au/course/WLSS I've been working in the field of weight management for a long time now and...
Guilt Free Food?
Ginette Lenham
When Weight Matters
I've noticed that more and more food and recipes are being sold and promoted as "guilt free". What does this mean? There is an assumption that we will do something wrong if we eat something not labele...
Losing Weight Is Not Just About The Numbers
Ginette Lenham
When Weight Matters
Having worked in the field of weight management for nearly ten years I have observed that many people when wanting to lose weight have a number in their mind of how many kilos they would like to lose ...

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